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Meet MG

Mary Grayson Nix Caden, Owner
Growing up as an athlete, I was always the kid who was getting hurt, pulling muscles, spraining ankles, and even having surgeries. I had muscle imbalances due to repetitive and unvaried training and, unbeknownst to me at the time, a complete lack of awareness of my body throughout my entire athletic career. 

My career as an athlete ended ultimately from concussions, sending me on a new path. This path led me to a consistent yoga practice and after just a few weeks, I started to notice improvements in strength, balance, flexibility, balance, mood, sleep, and confidence.

I know from experience that yoga can do so much for any BODY, and I especially believe in its benefits for athletes. From improving balance and flexibility, to correcting muscle imbalances, to reducing injury, pain and stress, yoga has something for ALL! Yoga has given me the power to change how my brain operates, how efficiently it
works, and the skills it can acquire. Let me help you do the same. 


Personal Trainer (NASM) 

Inclusive Personal Trainer (ACSM)

RYT-200 hour (Working toward RYT-500 hour)

ACSM Inclusive Fitness Trainer

Yogafit Warriors

Yogafit Warrior Kids

Yogafit for Restoring Balance to the Peripheral Nervous System

Yogafit for Emotional and Physical Trauma

Yogafit Anatomy and Alignment II

Love Your Brain Yoga

TRX Yoga


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